Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat in Glacier National Park

The mountain goat is the official symbol of Glacier National Park

Mountain goats make their home in the mountains and steep cliffs of Glacier Park.  Mountain goats are known for their dexterity in navigating precipitous, rocky ground and that is what gives them avoid predators. They eat plants and thickets of grass that grow between the rocks.  I took this picture from the road using a telephoto lens.

It is difficult to tell males (billies) and female (nannies) goats apart as they both have horns.  Typically, the males are larger and are loners, while the females and the younger goats (kids) create small herds. Baby goats are born on the rocks and learn to climb immediately.

mountain goat

The picture above was taken at Logan Pass.  The “bashful” sheep will often wander right up to people and beg you to take their picture.

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