Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear in Glacier National Park

Grizzly Bear in Glacier Park

Grizzlies can weigh as much as 1,400 pounds, but usually 300-600 pounds is average. Their fur’s color ranges from blond to nearly black and some bears have silver tipped fur, giving them a “grizzled” look (thus the name). Their hump of muscle over the shoulders is what distinguishes them from black bears and that muscle, along with claws four inches long, is what helps them dig for food.

With only 10-20% of a grizzly’s diet coming from meat (carrion and rodents), they are omnivores, that eat berries, cow parsnip, lily bulbs, plants, and grasses.  They forage mainly around dawn and dusk, so early morning and evening is when you can most expect to see a grizzly.  To learn more about Montana’s grizzly bears, go here.

* Report all bear sightings to a park ranger!

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