My Glacier

My Glacier…

Our National Parks belong to all of us, but I consider this park to be “My Glacier” park.  It will have that effect on you, too.  You’ll find yourself on a trail, or looking at a majestic wilderness landscape and get the feeling that you’re the first person to see such beauty.  You’ll claim it for yourself!

Misc. comments about these photos of Glacier National Park

A river runs through it… actually, a number of rivers and streams run through Glacier National Park.  Fed by snowmelt and rain, many runoffs join established streams to form mighty whitewater rivers that feed into Glacier’s numerous lakes. Breathtaking scenes like this one above wait around every bend in the Going-To-The-Sun road.

Photo #2 In some areas, the road has been chiseled from solid rock and the views are spectacular.  Some of the mountain peaks retain snow virtually all year long.

Photo #3 you will notice different colored rocks and strata layers as the road climbs up the mountains.  The park does a good job of providing turn-offs and observation points at dozens of scenic overlooks.

Around every curve in the road are breathtaking views of whitewater rivers or majestic mountains and valleys.  Montana is called the “Treasure State“, and this road is the treasure’s most appreciated jewel.

You will not find more interesting hiking trails than the 700 miles of trails in Glacier National Park. You will also note how well maintained these pristine trails are and delight in the magnificent scenery.  Hike it or just photograph it, Glacier will remain in your memory forever.

Photo #5 Magnificent views await you during any season of the year.  Fall is my favorite time as the mountains appear to be on fire when the sunlight catches the golden leaves at just the right angle.

Photo #6 Deer walking the banks of rivers or foraging for food in mountain meadows is a common sight throughout the park.  To see other wildlife that inhabits Glacier National Park, go here.

Formed by a glacier, Lake McDonald is the largest lake in Glacier National Park, is 10 miles long and more than a mile wide and 472 feet deep. It parallels Going-to-the-Sun Road and is part of the scenic beauty of this tour.  Apgar Visitor’s Center and lodging facilities are located at the foot of the lake and you can rent canoes, rowboats or launch your boat from their public dock.